Poison Dart Frogs

Shipping Information

All shipping costs are paid by the purchaser.  Frog shipping charges vary from $40-$80 depending on the season, and distance the frogs are shipped.  It's $40 within Illinois, and pretty much $60-80 if you are more than one state removed from us.  We will always ship with phase 22 packs, which keep the styrofoam lined box in the 70 degree range for a 24 hour period, regardless of the weather.  Shipping is always through FedEx.  I used USPS 3 times, and all 3 times the frogs arrived 24 hours late.  Of the hundreds of frogs I have shipped, even in the instance of carrier delays that caused the frogs to arrive a day or two late, I've only had one arrive dead.    That's why I confidently offer a live arrival guarantee, regardless of weather, if you pay for FedEx.

We ship NO froglets under 2 months of age.

We will not ship if the air temperature anywhere between starting point and destination will be colder than 20 degrees, or warmer than 90.